Friday, May 12, 2017

Nestled in Cordova Bay at Mattick’s Farm is a special collection of locally owned shops where you’ll be greeted with a smile and welcomed in – often by the owner themselves!
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A big Thank you to our customers and friends
Mattick's Farm is many things, and we are delighted to be celebrating twenty years
in business thanks to our loyal customers and friends like you, Mattick's Farm has
enjoyed many years of prosperity in this community. 20 years ago it was a small
group that had the vision and, more importantly, the sheer will power to take and
transform it into the shopping destination that you see today. Two decades later the
true spirit of Mattick's Farm lies not in its natural surroundings or in the hands of those
who built it, but with you, our customers who bring this place to life. We are truly grateful
to all of you who have made our first 20 years possible. You make our days fun and you
make Mattick's Farm special. We are thrilled to announce the new re-design of our website
with special emphasis on the events and news sections.

Sunday, April 9, 2017


Mattick's Farm Merchants help keep the charitable sector strong. Our shops here at Mattick's Farm play a key role in the Canadian charitable sector. We work hard to provide small and medium size charities with online and community support for donating and fundraising.

Monday, November 14, 2016


Does online browsing annoy you? Do malls leave you cold? Do you curl into the fetal position when confronted with the notion of holiday shopping?
Never fear: Mattick's Farm have just uploaded their HOLIDAY WISHBOOK and they will continue to update it as more wish items become available. The holiday magic at Mattick's Farm with more than 15 local artisans and boutique shops will have that special gift that you are looking for.

Unsure what to buy your favorite aunt or uncle? Why not European Glass Ware or local made pottery? Need a hostess gift? Snag some high-end local candles or linen napkins. For the dad who has everything, how about an gift card to Adrienne's Restaurant and Tea Garden? For kids, there are dolls and wooden toys at Toying Around.

Make HOLIDAY GIFT GIVING easy and special, #shoplocal and #thinklocal

Holiday Fashion

Party season is nearly upon us, which means we can embrace sequins, sparkle and feathers with true abandon.

Now's the time to throw sartorial caution to the wind when thinking of your outfits - pile on the metallic and glitter; it's the season to be jolly after all. From gorgeous dresses to sequinned miniskirts to attention-seeking trousers, see our pick of the 100 outfits that will ensure you look and feel party-ready this Christmas. Be sure to check out Sunday's Snowflakes and Something More here at Mattick's Farm


WELCOME TO THE MATTICK'S FARM CHRISTMAS WISH BOOK. If you've got a long shopping list but no time on your hands, start here for some inspiring gift ideas for almost everyone! Click on the Merchants Navigation List to your left and see what gift ideas we are promoting under the "Wish List Items menu".

GIFTS & stocking stuffer ideas
Tis the season to be shopping for family, friends, your sweetheart and maybe even for yourself. Get lots of Christmas gift ideas and inspiration here and celebrate the festive season, these gift ideas will certainly make someone's Christmas morning a joy-filled one!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas at Mattick's Farm - Pick up your copy of the Boulevard Magazine.

The fun of the holidays is right around the corner: family gatherings to plan, delicious meals to prepare, gifts to find and a house/condo or apartment to decorate — the list goes on.

With entertaining season approaching at warp speed, it’s time to get your home spruced up. Your time is precious around the holiday season, so to help make the most of your time, try these easy solutions to prepare for the holidays while keeping your sanity.
Festive lights: A simple way to decorate for the holidays year after year is with an artificial tree. For a formal dinner event, glowing white light sets a perfect ambiance. Switch to the multi-color option to delight the kids.
A touch of cheer: Use holiday decorations in unexpected ways to add festive cheer in every room of your home with minimal effort. Try hanging ornaments to decorate live plants, light fixtures, doorway overhangs, stairwells, mirrors and even the mantel.
Among the pines: Potted evergreen plants decorated with lights bring plenty of festive feelings into a room. The best news is that when spring arrives, you can plant them outside in your backyard, or donate them to a community project that needs evergreen trees. Using live plants infuses the room with light and good, clean oxygen, and it's the subtle touches your guests will appreciate and remember.
With these timely tips, you — and your home — will be ready for a holiday season of celebrations.